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Eggless mayonnaise using aquafaba – Vegan, 2 minutes


Banana oat bars

Healthy banana oat bars recipe.
I recently found out that when people say something tastes healthy they mean it tastes bad. A cake of course shall never tastes healthy at all. So when I have been accused that these can’t be healthy and taste like a really good cake and been asked for the recipe by a friend who is not particularly interested in healthy eating I thought I must share the recipe with you first 😉

banana oat bars recipe

banana oat bars recipe

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Tomato soup recipe

tomato soup recipe

The best cream of tomato soup recipe in the world

This tomato soup has rich, authentic flavor and is nothing like what you get as ready bought tomato soup from the store. So if you do not fancy the box version this is definitely something for you to try.

There are probably thousands of tomato soup recipes, however this by far is my favorite and probably the best that I have ever tried and on top of this, it is healthy, low calorie and the simplest one. Continue reading “Tomato soup recipe” »


Popsicle recipes

healthy popsicles

These amazingly healthy homemade popsicle recipes are so easy to make, you only need popsicle molds. Stuff your fridge with fruits and you are ready to go. Summer is coming and the best thing to do is to make it more fun and more healthy, fresh fruits in season are always a great way to celebrate the hot summer days, but you can make it even more exciting when making wonderful and most of all healthy ice pops. Continue reading “Popsicle recipes” »


Homemade fruit and veggie chips recipe

Homemade Fruit and Veggie Chips

One of the insanely easy things to do, to make your healthy life more enjoyable is to make chips. Even though we are so used to see the big shiny packages in the stores filled with only potato chips, you can easily make chips from almost every fruit or vegetable. Continue reading “Homemade fruit and veggie chips recipe” »

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