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Healthy oven fried potatoes recipe

healthy fried potatoes

There are moments in life which just scream for fried potatoes. Unfortunately healthy eating is not very fond of these tasty small mouth melting delicious bites. In search of a healthy way of satisfying the need of healthy fried potatoes I came to this really easy, tasty and healthy food recipe. You need 3 big potatoes, adjust the amount if needed. I have tried with different types of potatoes and they all came really good. Peel them and cut on slices as on the picture. Turn the oven on 150 C or around 300 F. Cover a baking pan with thin layer of olive oil and arrange the potato pieces as shown on the picture then turn them upside down to be sure both sides are oiled. Season by your wished, I use salt, red pepper powder and sometimes black pepper, but you can be creative and try your own versions. It comes good also covers with melted cheese, but add the cheese at the end.

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