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Homemade fruit and veggie chips recipe

Homemade Fruit and Veggie Chips

One of the insanely easy things to do, to make your healthy life more enjoyable is to make chips. Even though we are so used to see the big shiny packages in the stores filled with only potato chips, you can easily make chips from almost every fruit or vegetable.

Pick any fruit or veggie that you want to make chips from and slice very thinly. Best will be to use mandolin or food processor if you have one.

Make lemon water of the juice of one lemon and 2 cups water and dip the fruits in it.

Pat dry them and spread evenly on one layer on a non stick baking linen, in case you do not have that, you can lightly oil brush regular baking sheet and after about 15 minutes flip them over, to make sure they do not stick and bake evenly on both sides. The most important here is to only make one layer for each batch, otherwise you will not achieve the expected crunchiness.

You can bake at 110 C (225 degrees F), it will take about 1h 30m to to 2 hours. Best will be to try them and decide when you have the desired consistency.

Different fruits and vegetables will take different time to be done, just check and taste them, to decide when ready.

If you have dehydrator you can is too.

To make it more exciting you can add some cinnamon for apples, carrots and pears.

Orange juice or Indian spices to sweet potatoes.

Lemon and dill or oregano to the zucchini.

…or use your imagination to create more tastes and flavors.

You can serve these with a dip by your choice or just plain on party or when sitting in front of the tv.

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