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Meatball soup

Meatball soup

This is our healthier food recipe for meatball soup. The traditional meatball soup recipes call for any kind of ingredients, starting with frozen meatballs, sausages, cream and anything else. As this recipe gives a lot to the imagination we have a lot of healthy products to choose from.

Let’s start with the meat. For a meatball soup we definitely need meat. We chose nice ground beef around 200 grams. Mix it well with freshly grounded black pepper, cumin, sea salt and half cup cooked rice. Form small size meatballs and leave aside.

Boil water with salt. Add first the meatballs and wait until they start floating on the top.

Chop on small cubes 2 carrots, half onion, 1 bell paper and half cup rice. Add everything to the soup and cook for around 20 minutes. When ready, chop finely parsley and serve with yogurt.

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