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Strawberry and apple jam

Recipe for Healthy Strawberry and apple jam

This is my healthier recipe for strawberry and apple jam. I usually use 1 kg strawberries, 1.5 kg apples and 500 gr natural brown sugar.

I like to add also vanilla or Pelargonium, but you can decide on this. Choose naturally sweet apples and then you can decrease the amount of sugar a bit. This recipe will have also interesting taste if you use different types of apples. Half of the apples can be sweet and half can be sour for example. The procedure is simple and it applies almost to any jam that you make. Grate the apples and put them into the pot, boil on medium heat while regularly stirring until they soften in their own juice. Add the strawberries, the vanilla and the sugar, continue stirring the jam on medium hot stove and after it thickens pour it into dry jars. With this recipe you can keep the jam for a very long time. Close the jars with a good lid while they are still hot and leave them until they cool. This way the jam is preserved airtight. You can store the jars in a cool room, like basement or storage and open one when you want to have nice sweet breakfast.Recipe for healthy strawberry and apple jam

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