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Cream of tomato soup recipe

Cream of tomato soup recipe

Cream of tomato soup recipe is one of those recipes naturally packed with super foods.
There is nothing exotic here, all the ingredients are probably already on your pantry.

Why are tomatoes good for you

There are some miracle or more popular lately called super foods or functional foods in the world. I call them like that not only because they are so healthy and full of enormous nutritional value, but because they are full with some really wonderful magical flavors. Continue reading “Cream of tomato soup recipe” »


How to cook and store quinoa


Quinoa pronounced [KEEN-wah] is incredibly nutrient rich, especially on certain anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and heart-healthy fats, it has a lot of fibers too and is gluten free. Even though quinoa looks more like grain, it is actually a seed and a closer relative to spinach and beets. It gets even better, the cooking or steaming are not changing much its nutritional values.

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Healthy energy bars recipe with chocolate and quinoa

protein bars recipe

One of the perfect things you can do at home to spare yourself time during a busy week and still maintain a healthy lifestyle is prepare in advance. Sounds tricky? Not at all! There are so many delicious and healthy foods that you can make early enough and store in the fridge or freezer, that you will be amazed. One of my personal favorites are these wonderful homemade energy bars with dates. You can make them whenever you have time and freeze part of them single wrapped in food paper for when you are in a hurry, and have to grab some food in the last minute. Another plus is that they do not easily crumble or make stains, unless if you really try:)

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Vegetarian risotto recipe, healthy and vegan

oven baked rice with vegetables

This vegan risotto recipe or rice with vegetables if you prefer has some amazing flavors, it is one of the easiest recipes to make, and it is just sooo good and of course it is healthy. This recipe you can approach even if you have never cooked before, it is so simple and yet tasty. Continue reading “Vegetarian risotto recipe, healthy and vegan” »

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Healthy, baked Ratatouille recipe

quick and easy ratatouille recipe

This healthy, baked Ratatouille recipe is inspired from the Disney’s movie, it looks spectacular and is sooo tasty. You and your kids will love it, especially if you watch the movie first and you let them help arranging the vegetables 🙂 Continue reading “Healthy, baked Ratatouille recipe” »

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