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Raw vegan chocolate nut fruit balls recipe

raw food desserts recipe

I must admit I am not the biggest fan of the raw desserts, they are usually too soggy and lack enough excitement for me to love them and after some not quite happy experiences with them I discovered this gorgeous Raw Vegan Chocolate Nut Fruit Balls recipe. These are a great alternative to the energy bars, they are packed with protein and other amazing nutritious goodies. They are sweet enough without added sugar and unexpectedly, flavourful and tasty and as a free bonus they are incredible easy to make, no special skills are required, and not much time either, you only need food processor or a nut grinder. Continue reading “Raw vegan chocolate nut fruit balls recipe” »


Stinging nettle cream soup

stinging nettle

As I already declared myself as a huge fan of stinging nettle. I am sharing another really good recipe for stinging nettle cream soup.

Continue reading “Stinging nettle cream soup” »

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Stinging nettle with rice recipe

Stinging nettle with rice

Before posting this recipe I looked a bit in internet to see for other recipes for stinging nettle. I was so surprised that there were not many. Nettle is so delicious and nutritious and healthy food and most of all it grow practically everywhere around us especially in the spring. Continue reading “Stinging nettle with rice recipe” »


Healthy oven fried potatoes recipe

healthy fried potatoes

There are moments in life which just scream for fried potatoes. Unfortunately healthy eating is not very fond of these tasty small mouth melting delicious bites. In search of a healthy way of satisfying the need of healthy fried potatoes I came to this really easy, tasty and healthy food recipe. Continue reading “Healthy oven fried potatoes recipe” »


Avocado dip recipe

avocado dip recipe

This is a great avocado dip, very tasty and very healthy food recipe. I have got the recipe from my mom, who creates amazing things in the kitchen. Continue reading “Avocado dip recipe” »

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